“Truth is the new hate speech.” – Pamela Geller

Ironically, the most important seminar I attended at CPAC wasn’t an official CPAC event. Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer of Freedom Defense Institute sponsored “Jihad: The Political Third Rail — What They Aren’t Telling You.”

In her opening remarks, Pamela said, “It grieves me, that at the largest gathering of conservatives in America, that if Robert and I did not do this event, the only other event devoted to the war against terror was ‘You’re Being Lied To: Why Real Conservatives are Against the War on Terror’…” One of the speakers at the seminar Pamela referenced was Karen Kwiatkowski, who blogs at HuffingtonPost.com, is an avid Ron Paul supporter and vocal critic of the war in Iraq. Regarding Kwiatkowski Pamela quipped, “…why don’t they just have Cindy Sheehan give a seminar here?”

I was shocked to learn that CPAC did not sponsor the FDI event. I was also shocked to learn that one-third of the Jihad attacks since 9/11 occurred in 2009. If you are surprised by that statistic as I was, Pamela Geller places the blame for our collective ignorance directly at the feet of the media and a majority of our elected leaders.

“….there is a cover up going on and we have been infiltrated on every level of society and at the senior level of government. The problem is that truth is the new hate speech….and we are living in so tawdry an age where just telling the truth makes you a hero — and yet there are so few heroes…”  — Pamela Geller

Pamela Geller is a hero. Robert Spencer is a hero. All of their expert witnesses to the truth of Islam at their seminar are heroes. The following courageous individuals presented to a standing room only crowd:

Wafa Sultan: Author of A God Who Hates. Watch this video tour-de-force of Wafa debating an Islamic Cleric

“…it could have had the psychological impact of the H-bomb [to Islam] without loss of life….it would demean Muslims by exposing their women because the Muslim male’s honor resides in their women’s bodies…it would have been humiliating and could have awakened and shattered the core of many Islamic dogmas….instead now the TSA has committed to the option of manual pat down by a security agent of the same gender….”  — Wafa Sultan regarding TSA Whole Body Imaging Technology and Islam.

Major Steve Coughlin: Expert on Islamic law, fired from the Pentagon after pressure from Islamic infiltrators. This was his first public appearance since his dismissal.

In war we must “…define the doctrine the enemy uses in order to create a strategy to beat them…currently our enemy is dictating the narrative…you think they’re fighting a war over there, I think they’re fighting a war over here…This battlefront is based on narratives not facts and you cannot defeat an enemy you’re not allowed to define…political correctness is the cause and strategy to defeat the US in the information battlespace…the mainstream media is complicit in this assault on free speech and thought….” — Major Steve Coughlin

Anders Gravers: Danish leader of Stop the Islamization of Europe. Mr. Gravers was accompanied by private security who stood guard not only during the conference, but while we were in the hotel bar. He is under constant threat of attack. He commented that he had not spoken to a crowd as large as the audience in the seminar before without a bullhorn. His speech shows us where America is headed if we don’t defeat this enemy now.

Simon Deng: A Christian who was kidnapped and enslaved as a child, now a human rights activist who stated:

“…Jihad is part of slavery in Sudan…Christians are being enslaved and murdered in Sudan under Sharia law…”

Elisabeth Saaditsch-Wolff: She has been indicted for “hate speech” in Austria for telling the truth about Islam. Elisabeth has lived in many Muslim countries and has experienced the evils of Sharia law first hand.

“…If you can’t speak you’re silent and you’re dead…I will dare to say what I think and makes me uneasy…”

Lt. Colonel Allen West: Decorated war hero and Congressional candidate in FL-22. More on Lt. Col. West in a later post as I had the distinct honor of meeting and interviewing him while at CPAC.

“…There no such thing as war on terror —  in WWII how smart would it have been if the US said they were called war on the blitzkrieg, or on the kamikaze? A nation does not go to war against a tactic…..a nation goes to war against an ideology…we are against something that is a totalitarian, theocratic, political ideology and it is called Islam…trend analysis is what we called it, stop calling it profiling it’s about identifying the enemy and what they’re doing…the reality of your enemy must become your own…”

And specifically said to “members of the media:

“…stop attacking Jews and Christians, stop being afraid of this enemy, show the same type of vehemence you show against your fellow Americans against them, because in thirty to forty years from now if they’re successful, and they have control of this country there will be no free media, there will be no freedom of speech… you will have been complicit because you were too much of a coward to take a stand…”

I have linked to the full video of the event. I implore you to watch the whole thing, think about what is presented, ask others to watch it. If we do this we are ensuring that the risks these brave people have taken are not in vain and we are arming ourselves with the Truth.

This is a culture war, our enemy is using “lawfare” to marginalize, vilify and silence us. Get educated about the truth of Islam and do not submit.

9 Responses to ““Truth is the new hate speech.” – Pamela Geller”

  1. February 28, 2010 at 6:47 pm

    Wow!! Great post. EYE OPENING!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing this important piece of the puzzle.

  2. February 28, 2010 at 7:43 pm

    Truth, in contemporary America (and, for that matter, the contemporary “free” world), IS hate speech, as long as the truth doesn’t apply to the Regressive agenda to dialog respectfully about some stupidly inane concept they learned in brainwash school, I mean college.

    Way to go, Prater. You’re well on your way to earning your own Fatwah This hat, and no doubt making inroads on Big Sis’s “domestic terrorist” list.

  3. 3 bh
    February 28, 2010 at 8:14 pm

    Really great post. I appreciate you taking the time to sum up the event for those of us not able to attend. Also very pleased to see the full video is available & will be watching tonight!

  4. 4 Lenin-McCarthy
    February 28, 2010 at 9:50 pm

    I can just picture the judge to say this… do you swear to tell a lie, the whole lie,and nothing but a lie so help me God?

  5. 5 FURPC
    March 1, 2010 at 9:21 am

    Liberals, the fifth column of Al Qaeda, the purveyor of political correctness and the vehicle for which brings the terrorist in our midst. After the inevitable major successful attack within our shores from the enemy, still the lib will point from the rubble to anything but the truth.

  6. March 1, 2010 at 12:39 pm

    Thanks for writing this up. I missed the first couple of speakers in this session at CPAC. It really is interesting (and scary) to see the huge split among conservatives on this issue. It’s not unprecedented historically either.

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