Guest Blogger Jack O’Brien: Offering random weird thoughts stimulated by an intravenous connection to The Drudge Report

And now, the News: Huge media news this week.  CBS says they’ve begun talking with Anderson Cooper about anchoring. No image more aptly describes a weight sinking to the bottom of the lowest part of the ocean than Anderson Cooper as an anchor. Don’t take my word for it, if Anderson does for CBS what he did for CNN he’ll be narrating COPS this time next year.

Sponge Andy Concrete Pants – Mommy Cooper would like that reference.

Wonder how Katie Couric likes playing “Celebrity Mole?”

ABC is closing all of its bureaus except DC and they’re cutting that one in half! Why not? We’ve only been getting half the story from ABC for about 20 years, anyway. Half the story, half the overhead. Makes sense.

By the way, do you know the words to the ABC News theme?  Sing along, everyone!

Here’s the news nowwwww,

Here’s the news on T – Vvvvvvvv,

Here’s our anchorrrrrrr,

He’s going to read you the newssssssss!

I can’t wait until June, when, from his basement office at ABC News, Charlie Gibson finds out they closed his bureau in March and he mutters ominously,  “I believe you have my stapler.”

The President’s doctors insisted that he quit smoking and reduce his drinking.  Observers waiting for the results were concerned when it was somewhat delayed, the doctor explained the hold up:  “The final report took longer than expected because before we could perform the prostate exam we first had to remove Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.”

Kathryn Bigelow directed Hurt Locker, notable as the best of a string of really bad movies she has directed. She directed Point Blank with (whoaaaa) Keanu Reeves, a movie best known for being Mythbusters fodder – like who could fall without a parachute for 30 seconds, catch up with the guy who left the plane with the only parachute, and then ride to the ground with him. Excellent.

But busted. Into like a gazillion pieces.

Anyway, a lot of real Army bomb disposal experts have looked at the film and pronounced it ridiculous, obnoxious and offensive.  Of course, that’s what happens when Hollywood meets the real world.

The whole idea of the Hurt Locker is that war has an insidious narcotic effect that seduces and captures honorable men, making risk and death irresistible to them.  Actually, that’s what movies do to filmmakers. Busted.


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