Bitter Bill to Swallow

Received this today from a Republican Senate source:

Democrats ran into another obstacle on their quest to pass their massive health care reform bill yesterday, this time from the Senate Parliamentarian, yet just as they have with every other setback, Democrats seem determined to ignore it and charge ahead with a bill Americans have overwhelmingly rejected.

The Hill reports today, “The Senate parliamentarian has delivered a blow to Democrats by ruling President Barack Obama must sign the broader Senate healthcare legislation before the upper chamber can take up changes demanded by the House. The ruling means House Democrats would have to rely on a good-faith promise that senators will pass the changes after the healthcare bill is signed into law, a difficult prospect at a time when lower-chamber lawmakers have grown distrustful of their Senate counterparts.”

Democrat Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad likely has the same view. According to Wednesday’s New York Times, “Senator Kent Conrad, Democrat of North Dakota and chairman of the Budget Committee, said the reconciliation instructions in last year’s budget resolution seemed to require that Mr. Obama sign the Senate bill into law before it could be changed. ‘It’s very hard to see how you draft, and hard to see how you score, a reconciliation bill to another bill that has not yet been passed and become law,’ Mr. Conrad said.” The Hill reports that Conrad “told colleagues about the ruling Thursday afternoon, according to a Democratic source familiar with the meeting.”

So lemme see if I follow the Democrat, for lack of a better term, logic:

The Senate Dems are hellbent on cramming this wretched bill down our throats by way of a pinky promise to their House counterparts to make it taste a little less horrific after we swallow it, honest injun?

And, Kurt Conrad agrees: they can’t make it taste less awful until after we know how truly disgusting it is?

I don’t know about you, but I already have a bad taste in my mouth.


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