Holidays on the Hill: Christmastime Kickbacks & Lenten Palm Greasing

Just before Christmas, we saw the Senate pass the health care reform bill, ringing in the birth of the unholy trinity: the Cornhusker Kickback, Gator-Aid, and the Louisana Purchase, as well as a host of other gag gifts to the tax payer.

Last week, President Obama promised to eliminate those special deals made in the Senate. Robert Gibbs confirmed his position: “We’ve made it clear to the Senate that the president’s position in the final legislation should not contain provisions that favor a single state or a single district differently than others.” Pretty words, only one hitch: certain naughty Senators don’t like the idea of returning presents they received in exchange for being nice and voting yes. Don’t want them to pitch a fit do you, President Obama? Guess not. ABC News report today [emphasis mine]:

“To retain votes in the Senate, the White House is now backing away from its ban on special deals for individual states which was a promise the president made after the ‘Cornhusker Kickback’ was revealed — giving Nebraska extra Medicaid money to win Sen. Ben Nelson’s vote.”

Ok, so the Senate gets to keep their goodies, but no more cutting deals in the House, right? Wrong. Now, just weeks before Easter, the same “ugly process” President Obama referred to is being resurrected in the House. Per a Republican Senate source, just like in the Senate, the House is being offered “rewards” for  a yes vote. According to the Washington Post last week, proposed deal sweeteners like “election-year visits [from President Obama] to competitive congressional districts, where a presidential appearance can bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funds,” are being offered. Don’t know how sweet that deal was for Corzine or Coakley.

We’ll just have to wait and see what basket of bribes House members receive for their thirty pieces of silver. As if blatant disregard for the will of the people and the Constitution weren’t enough, the Obama Administration has to go and ruin the holidays too.


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