Carter and Johnson Gear up for November. #liz4ga #gapolitics #teaparty #tcot #sgp #twisters

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Rep. Hank Johnson and Republican challenger Liz Carter won’t be able to relax like Watson. Both are preparing for the November general election in which Carter seeks to unseat the 4th congressional district representative, who’s seeking a third term. Carter beat three other Republican candidates with 55 percent of the vote, and Johnson beat Democratic challengers Vernon Jones and Connie Stokes among others with about 55 percent.

Johnson said Carter is a conservative Tea Party sympathizer and doesn’t share the politics and values of the heavily Democratic 4th district.

“I will not take Mrs. Carter lightly, but frankly she’s got an uphill climb,” he said. “Her views are very much in line with the Tea Party, and the Tea Party calls for less government, and they oppose every initiative that has been introduced by our President Barack Obama.”

Carter said she doesn’t plan to change her campaign as she heads into the general election and labeled herself a “conservative, moderate Republican.” She said she doesn’t believe her party affiliation will be the deciding factor in the election, and she reiterated her credentials as a business consultant.

“This is not the year of the political party,” she said. “People have a real opportunity for true representation this year. Congressman Johnson is a nice man, but the issues that have been facing our country and this district need someone with a business approach.”

Carter also said she believes she would be more attentive to constituents whom Johnson has neglected from Washington. Johnson countered, saying he’s held more than 20 town hall forums and other gatherings, including three recent job fairs in the district. He also said he planned to host a foreclosure prevention event during the final weekend in July with several other congressmen.

“There’s a lot of misinformation out there, and you expect that during election time,” he said. “She’s wrong when says that I have been missing in action, if you will.”

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