Do not pass go. Go directly to death panel. Flow chart shows the games Congress is playing w/ your healthcare.

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Here we go folks. Another nightmarish chart courtesy of Congressional Spenders. The new Obamacare Chart prepared by Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX #8). I had the pleasure of being a part of a conference call with Rep. Brady today. Last year Congressman Brady’s Health Care Bill Chart was a worldwide viral sensation. TODAY, he has unveiled a special visual project highlighting how out of control the expansion of the federal government has become.

Last year’s chart had a major impact due to it’s powerful graphics — and he hopes this new chart continues to show the American people what a bureaucratic mess ObamaCare will be for patients.

Obamacare Chart

This chart was meticulously compiled over the last four months after perusing the 2,841 pages of Obamacare that no one who voted for the bill bothered to read. This so-called “reform” has morphed into a new monstrosity of mandates, taxes & rationing, it will hurt seniors and hand healthcare into a bureaucracy which has now taken over 1/6 of our economy. This is a massive expansion of government & the bewildering complexity of this new law is overwhelming.

Buried deep in the law are19 special sections that cannot be challenged by the courts or any regulatory system. What the public is being sold and what the law actually has are 2 totally different things. House Republicans are dedicated to repealing this law. If they take back the House they plan to block the most egregious parts of this law & replace it with common sense reform. They are also backing states who want to block this law. Rep. Brady stated if these mandates are allowed to stand there are no boundaries to what this government can do.

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