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No meatloaf or Jenga for Barry & Michelle – they’re going to India to visit American jobs!

The first couple has been wanting to take this trip ever since they saw Slumdog Millionaire.

Since Obama is expected to arrive in the afternoon on November 6, and will travel by road to the Taj Mahal Hotel, the entire stretch from airport to the hotel will be under heavy security. The officer said, “There will be no vehicular movement on Western Express Highway at that time. Traffic on roads leading up to the highway will also be stopped. All buildings flanking the entire stretch will be sanitised. However, there is no threat from the snipers as the President will travel in a bullet-proof car with 4.5-inch thick sheets, which are impenetrable for any gun.”
Obama’s personal security staff itself will be huge, and it has already started making its own arrangements in Mumbai. “A team of secret service agents has already arrived, and has surveyed the areas of his stay and the roads and places on his itinerary,” the officer said.

To ensure fool-proof security, the President’s team has booked the entire the Taj Mahal Hotel, including 570 rooms, all banquets and restaurants. Since his security contingent and staff will comprise a huge number, 125 rooms at Taj President have also been booked, apart from 80 to 90 rooms each in Grand Hyatt and The Oberoi hotels. The NCPA, where the President is expected to meet representatives from the business community, has also been entirely booked.
The officer said, “Obama’s contingent is huge. There are two jumbo jets coming along with Air Force One, which will be flanked by security jets. There will be 30 to 40 secret service agents, who will arrive before him. The President’s convoy has 45 cars, including the Lincoln Continental in which the President travels.”

Since Obama will stay in a hotel that is on sea front, elaborate coastal security arrangements have been made by the US Navy in consonance with the Indian Navy and the Coast Guard. “There will be US naval ships, along with Indian vessels , patrolling the sea till about 330-km from the shore. This is to negate the possibility of a missile being fired from a distance,” the officer said. Read more at



Meet the Muslim Superheroes who ar Ready to Indotrinate American Kids #islam #sharia #tcot

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Well presented post, I have clipped it below.

Meet the Muslim Superheroes who are Ready to Indoctrinate American Kids

However, no matter how edifying the comic books may be for Muslim families, it is bizarre to see the President of the United States endorsing such religiously-inspired products, because they upheld the “teachings and tolerance of Islam.” The POTUS should normally be upholding the Establishment Clause of the Bill of Rights, and not be promoting a particular faith, but this president seems to think his desire to create good feelings in Muslims over-rides his need to abide by the First Amendment. The endorsement of Naif Al-Mutawa and The Ninety-Nine can be watched below:
This disparity is one of the worst things affecting society at present. Christianity and Judaism do not get featured in mainstream media, but Islam is not only depicted in all strands of the media, it is being promoted by a president who seems to have forgotten what he swore to uphold when he entered office.
If Obama can promote Islam, he should also publicly promote Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and every other faith. The fact that he does not is a very worrying development in politics. The separation of church (and mosque, synagogue, gudwara and ashram) and state has been a guiding factor of American political life since the time of Jefferson. To promote one faith above another is shameful. The president’s official endorsement of The Ninety-Nine has legitimized it and given it enough impetus to be broadcast to the masses.
The doctrines and considerations of the Founding Fathers were written down after great debates and lengthy consultation. They have lasted for so long because they have proved the worth of their meaning and purpose. After only two years, one individual seems to think he can dispense with two hundred years of historical precedent. Such political hubris is usually followed by electoral nemesis.




KUHNER: President’s socialist takeover must be stopped – calls for impeachment in Wash Times.

I have excerpted the article here, I encourage you to read the whole thing at the link below.

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President Obama has engaged in numerous high crimes and misdemeanors. The Democratic majority in Congress is in peril as Americans reject his agenda. Yet more must be done: Mr. Obama should be impeached.

He is slowly – piece by painful piece – erecting a socialist dictatorship. We are not there – yet. But he is putting America on that dangerous path. He is undermining our constitutional system of checks and balances; subverting democratic procedures and the rule of law; presiding over a corrupt, gangster regime; and assaulting the very pillars of traditional capitalism. Like Venezuela’s leftist strongman, Hugo Chavez, Mr. Obama is bent on imposing a revolution from above – one that is polarizing America along racial, political and ideological lines. Mr. Obama is the most divisive president since Richard Nixon. His policies are Balkanizing the country. It’s time for him to go.



Excellent post by Frank Gaffney at Big Peace: Notable guests present at his Iftar dinner.

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Obama’s Ground Zero Mosque

Actually, it is all about submission to shariah – arguably the most intolerant of theo-political-legal codes, ironically particularly when it comes to respect for freedom of religion.  Rauf’s mosque complex and the shariah ideology/doctrine that animates it – the same program that animated the jihadists who destroyed the World Trade Center and many of its occupants on 9/11 – has everything to do with power, not faith.

As notable as what the President said is the company he keeps.  Consider a few examples from this year’s Iftar dinner guest list:

Ingrid Mattson heads the largest Muslim Brotherhood front in the country, the Islamic Society of North America.  ISNA was an unindicted co-conspirator in the biggest terrorism financing trial in the nation’s history and was identified as a Brotherhood “associated or friendly” group in documents introduced as evidence uncontested in that Holy Land Foundation prosecution.  Ms. Mattson now presides over the selection, training and certification of Muslim chaplains for the U.S. military and prison system – interestingly, a job formerly in the hands of Muslim Brother Abdurahman Alamoudi, the founder and first head of the American Muslim Council, who is currently serving a 23-year sentence on terrorism charges.

Salam Al-Marayati is president of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC).  In 1999, then-House Democratic Leader Richard Gephardt withdrew his nomination of Al-Marayati to a leadership position on the National Commission on Terrorism when it became public that Al-Marayati claimed that the terrorist group, Hezbollah, was a legitimate organization and has the right to attack the Israeli Army.

Dalia Mogahed runs the insidious Gallup Center for Muslim Studies and advises President Obama on Muslim affairs as a member of the President’s Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.  In an October 2009 interview with the London Telegraph, she made the following astounding assertions: “I think the reason so many women support shariah is because they have a very different understanding of shariah than the common perception in Western media.” “The majority of women around the world associate gender justice, or justice for women, with shariah compliance.” The portrayal of shariah has been oversimplified in many cases.”

The most prominent American public figure to directly challenge such pap is former House Speaker Newt Gingrich who, in remarks before the American Enterprise Institute last month, declared, “Stealth jihadis use political, cultural, societal, religious, intellectual tools; violent jihadis use violence.  But in fact they’re both engaged in jihad and they’re both seeking to impose the same end state which is to replace Western civilization with a radical imposition of shariah.”

In a brilliant appreciation of Mr. Gingrich’s address, Andrew McCarthy, an accomplished former federal prosecutor (he put away the ringleader of the first effort to destroy the World Trade Center, “the Blind Sheikh,” OmarAbdel-Rahman) and author of the superb New York Times bestseller, The Grand Jihad , wrote in National Review Online: “Henceforth, there should be no place to hide for any candidate, including any incumbent. The question will be: Where do you stand on shariah?”



Have this post from @moelane with your morning coffee. #tcot #rsrh

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Obama to Democrats: you may deny Me.

Posted by Moe Lane (Profile)

Hey, remember when the White House thought that they were going to be a help for vulnerable Democrats running on all those tough, unpopular, unprincipled, and job-killing votes that the White House insisted that said vulnerable Democrats make?  Yeah, well, that’s gone by the wayside.    The White House is now telling said Democrats that the President understands if members of his party have to run for re-election without him ‘helping’ out.

Just savor that for a moment: imagine that you are a Democrat from a district whose Republican-leaning constituency has been looking at you funny for your votes on the stimulus, cap-and-trade, and/or Obamacare.  You know darn well that these were going to be unpopular votes, and when you brought that up with your party’s leadership you were given what South American drug dealers call the plata o plomo response.  That’s Spanish for ’silver or lead;’  it means, ‘take a bribe or a bullet.’  In this case, the ’silver’ was the promise that the President would be there for your election campaign if you played ball with his administration now… and the ‘lead’ was the promise that the President would not be there to help you out if you did not play ball.  You knew that you’d need the draw if you wanted to win, so you gulped nervously and voted against your district – and now that it’s done, the President is telling you that you have permission to deny knowing the One. And no doubt thrice, if necessary.

No wonder Jerry Connolly sounds here like he’s about to start drinking his dinners.




O to the ATL on Monday. #gapolitics #gagop #tcot #sgp #twisters

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Obama to visit Atlanta for fund-raiser, speech to disabled veterans

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama will visit Atlanta on Aug. 2, speaking at a national convention for the Disabled American Veterans group and appearing at a Democratic Party fund-raising luncheon.

It will be the president’s first visit to Atlanta since taking office, and his first to Georgia since a February trip to Savannah to talk about his economic stimulus program.

The DAV invites the president to speak each year at its national convention, but Obama is the first to accept an invitation to speak to the group since President Bill Clinton in 1996, DAV spokesman Dave Autry told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

About 3,000 attendees are expected at the DAV event, which will be at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta.

“He’s got a pretty decent record on veterans’ issues,” Autry said.

White House spokesman Adam Abrams confirmed that Obama will speak to the group about veterans and military issues, but said he had no other details.

Obama also plans to appear at a luncheon event for the Democratic National Committee and Organizing for America, a successor to his 2008 campaign organization.

While the president plans to visit Atlanta just days before a runoff election and as members of Congress are back home for a month to campaign for re-election, Obama at least currently isn’t planning to make any campaign appearances for Georgia candidates while in Atlanta.

Indeed, several Democratic congressmen from the Atlanta area were surprised that the White House didn’t even inform them of the trip until late Thursday.

“No one told me … I was sort of shocked,” said Democratic Rep. John Lewis of Atlanta, one of the Obama administration’s biggest supporters in Congress and the senior chief deputy whip in the Democratic Caucus. Lewis told the AJC he learned secondhand that the president was coming to his district.

“They [White House officials] usually inform us,” said Lewis. “It was unreal.”

Republican critics of the president said he also ought to address the economy while he’s in Georgia.

“With new reports showing unemployment rising to an unacceptable 10.3 percent in the metro Atlanta area, President Obama’s visit will give him the perfect opportunity to own up to the fact that his failed $862 billion stimulus and big-government, tax-and-spend agenda have done nothing to create jobs in Georgia,” Republican National Committee spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg said in a statement.




Charles Rangel sponsored bill calls for “compulsory service” #tcot #sgp #twister

Is conscription next?

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Slavery bill H.R. 5741 is now in debate

H.R. 5741 is currently being argued in the house of representatives. If passed, H.R. 5741 will give the president the power to require 2 years of compulsory service from every US resident between ages 18 and 42. That’s not a misprint: everyone between ages eighteen and forty-two will be required to serve in any capacity at the president’s whim.

This bill will destroy US commerce as citizens are reassigned to service. The bill’s sponsor is Charles Rangel, a democrat from New York. The bill does not yet have a co-sponsor. It was introduced on July 15th and is now before the armed services committee. 



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